Designer, Coach, and Consultant

Elevating Schools Through Design!

Everything is a product of design. Curriculum, workshops, graphics, and documents. All benefit from mindful design. I believe that by applying creative problem-solving techniques, together we can elevate the educational experience for our students, staff, and families. My goal is to use design thinking skills to encourage innovation, collaboration, and empathy in all aspects of school life. Contact me to start this journey as we work together to elevate your school through design!

Some Current Thinking from the Blog

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Design Thinking And Solving School Problems With No Code Apps

The Design Problem $12,000. That’s a hefty number for most public schools. We had a need though. We had a..

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Limited Time To Learn:  How We Coach Busy Educators

How did we ever get so busy? And how do we go about intentionally learning new things when we are so busy? It seems all adult learners experience a constant tension between productivity and learning new skills.

flight technology tools astronaut flight technology tools astronaut

A Note From the Future

Artificial Intelligence is coming. Errr… it’s already here. Ok, so maybe artificial intelligence isn’t so much about the future, but..

How Do You Track Learner Belonging? Here’s a Tool to Try!

I’m pretty excited for this tool. This was co-developed with my thinking partner Shawna Parkinson. So, big credit to her for..