Education Consultant & Designer

Aaron is a consultant focused on applying Design Thinking methods to education settings. Together, we can design a better future for your school. How might we work together to design powerful experiences for all of our learners? How might we use design methods to grow a more creative culture?

Some Current Thinking from the Blog

How Do You Track Learner Belonging? Here’s a Tool to Try!

I’m pretty excited for this tool. This was co-developed with my thinking partner Shawna Parkinson. So, big credit to her for..

High Quality Student Data in the Arts

What data is most useful – and actionable – to the arts educator?

Empathy Mapping to Put the Learner At the Center

I recently created a quick video introducing Mason High School teachers to the idea of empathy mapping. Empathy mapping is..

Mason City Schools Personalized Learning Guide for Educators

It has been an intensely busy few weeks in Mason City Schools and Mason High School. That has made it..