I first heard about this special ratio when reading The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. In this wide sweeping narrative of the last 100 years or more of computing history, Isaacson cited this ratio when referring to the denizens of today’s Internet. I’m aware of no real studies to confirm this ratio, it’s really more of a anecdotal truth that the Internet has hung onto for the last decade or so. Nonetheless, it has warranted its own Wikipedia page and blog posts from other authors.

So what does it mean? In any internet community, it’s thought that only 1% of users are creating content. 9% are ACTIVE users of that content – meaning they may comment or share. 90% are PASSIVE users of the content – they watch, read, view, and do nothing with it.

I’ve heard the term 1-percenter used to refer to the richest of the rich. In this case, our 1% are those people who are brave, creative, and rich in ideas enough to create something in this world of ours. Truly these 1-percenters are also rich in their own ways.

Our 1-percenters are creators. They live their lives at the top of Bloom’s Hierarcy as often as possible. It’s my mission as a learning designer has become making students into 1-percenters. It is my sincerest hope that I see students create as often – or more often than they consume.

So, how do you inspire a student to create instead of consume?

Featured image from https://unsplash.com/@nikhilmitra

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