Brainstorming with Jamboards

I try to be a purposefully creative thinker in everything I do. In fact, sometimes I’m stuck in my head way too much. I love a good brainstorming activity to help get those ideas out of my head and into the world.

Sometimes those ideas aren’t workable. Other times they are. I don’t know, however, until get them out there. Brainstorming is an important process for getting ALL ideas out of your head and into a place that you can work with them. It can be done individually, or, even better, with a team. The big idea around brainstorming is that you have to eliminate the filter of fear that creeps in between your brain and the brainstorming board. When brainstorming, you should produce big, wild, and fanciful ideas. When you let wild ideas fly, you may find yourself with solutions that your internal filters would have stopped from entering the world.

Only once you’ve produced a big collection of ideas should you begin to decide which ones can be workable or not. There are lots of great brainstorming tools out there. I made some Google Jamboard templates that work in any imaginable learning mode this fall (you can even take them offline!) Please enjoy, free to use. Free to modify. More coming soon. Let me know how you use them!

You can find a complete list of them here.

Just make a copy to your own Google Drive to modify to your needs!

The amazing Esther Park pulled together some different Jamboard resources, including a quick tutorial. See her tweet below.

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