Empathy Mapping to Put the Learner At the Center

I recently created a quick video introducing Mason High School teachers to the idea of empathy mapping. Empathy mapping is a tool that designers use to focus on the end-user of their designs. In this case, I see teachers as designers. An empathy map helps a teacher get into the headspace of their students. It can also give them to focus on what to observe or ask students about in class. This tool can be used for

I found it the empathy map I used in the video on GameStorming.com, which is a favorite go-to site for all things design. This particular version came from Dave Gray from XPlane – a design consultancy. If you search “Empathy Map” on Google, you’ll find lots of variations.

Feature Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash. I chose this photo because I love how Empathy Maps can give focus to your designs. Like a pair of glasses!

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