A Note From the Future

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Artificial Intelligence is coming. Errr… it’s already here.

Ok, so maybe artificial intelligence isn’t so much about the future, but more about current trends. It’s something that is happening right now. Art is being made by an Artificial Intelligence called Dall-E (along with many others). If you were at graduation last year, you heard the Dr. Cooper begin his speech with a paragraph written by AI. This is the world our students are growing up in.

AJ Juliani, education thinker, author, and speaker recently experienced ChatGPT, a pretty remarkable text tool. Going forward, students may find themselves in crunch time and leaning on an AI tool. By the way, AI writing tools pass all originality tests and even cite their work. Even when imperfect, they offer writers a starting place. Students will definitely begin using them for writing assignments. My guess is that they already have.

What is AJ Juliani’s solution? He suggests leaning deeper into the WHY someone writes. Writing solely for a grade, compliance on an upcoming assignment or test, or writing because we’ve always written papers in school won’t be enough of a reason to keep kids off of AI writing platforms. 

On the other hand, there are so many compelling and authentic reasons for people to write. People want to reach a specific audience, convey an original idea, and express deeply personal feelings. Having your students understand the deeply authentic reasons why we write will be key to keeping them engaged in an AI-enabled future.

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